Serial-My life; Written and Directed by God

Yesterday I was changing channels in my TV. The serial was telecast on Starplus. I paused for a moment and noticed that almost all the characters and locations had changed compared to the serial I had seen about a year ago.
What i understood that, the director recruits the character based on the story line and need. They play their roles and they leave the serial after their roles are completed. In most cases the main character stays the same throughout the serial. The director also selects the venue and set based on need.
Each character has a special role. Some characters are meant to give pain. Some come to support and give happiness, but those characters leave early so the main character suffers from losing them. The main character has the ability to manage all situations.
My life is no different from the serial. It is written and directed by God. God brings different characters into my story. Some come to hurt me. Some are there to make me happy and to support me. According to the story, God decides who will be with me and when they will leave me. Every scene is well directed by God.
I am the main character of my story so I manage all the situations. Honestly, the main role is very difficult to play.
The difference between serial and my life is that it is reel life and mine is real life.


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