Why don't pain and problems leave me alone in my life? I'm stuck in it. I can't get out of it.


My dear friend, first I want to ask you that, what are you doing to come out from this situation? You need to understand and accept that everyone has problems and pains in their lives. The severity of the problem may vary from person to person. But everyone should take appropriate steps to deal with them. What if you sit there wondering why this happened to me and you don't take any action, you will never get out of it.

I would like to mention a short story here; it will help you understand the importance of taking action towards the problem. You are enjoy boating and suddenly you fall into the sea. So what will you do then? At first you don't understand what happened, nothing comes to your mind. But after a while you will start swimming towards the boat. Here you have a chance to save your life when you reach the boat. If you are just wondering why this happened to me and you do not take any action, the chances of saving your life will be very less.

Your question is no different from this story. Enjoying your life is like boating. Suddenly bad situations come in your life like you fall into the sea. So, the situation here will not go away from you, you have to take appropriate steps to get out of it. If you take action, chances are you will be able to get your life back as normal as ever. If you don't take action you will have very little chance and it can destroy you too.

Now the question in your mind is how to do it? Let me help you understand that. 

Admit first that you are not the only person that who has this problem or pain. 

Understand the reason of your problem or pain. Do you have a solution for this? Do it. If you have no solution, think you are just a person who has no solution but everyone has a solution to this problem who is facing it, then go deeper and try to find a way forward. But there is no solution exists, than you have to accept it. Once you start accepting that this is a universal problem, you will gradually come out of it automatically. Let me explain this situation, the biggest pain of our life is when we lost our close one. There is nothing you can do in this situation, there is no solution. It hurts a lot in the beginning but gradually you will accept it and gradually your pain will subside.

So my dear friend the best way to get out of this is to take action. If there is no solution, accept the problem. Acceptance will help you to get out of it.

What will help you in this situation?

Read a book - it will help you to understand the different aspects of your problem and solutions.

Meditation- It will help you to understand your feelings and strengthen your thoughts.

Post your question or feedback in the comment section.

- Jignesh Ahalgama

Author of the book "Secrets of a complex life"

Note: The author does not claim that this is the best answer to your question. This is just the author's opinion; your point of view may differ from the author's point of view. 


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