What happens when we trust someone, but when we realize we have been cheated? How can we strengthen ourselves to get out of this situation?

got these questions from one of my readers. It is an extension of my previous story "Why don't pain and problems leave me alone in my life? I'm stuck in it. I can't get out of it."

She mentioned in her question that when we trust the ship but what if it breaks down on its own. She gave the example of the Titanic. In the same way when we trust people but they cheat us it becomes a very difficult situation to handle. How to strengthen ourselves to overcome it? She is not the only one facing such a situation. We all face such a situation at least once in our lives.
Titanic is a very interesting and relevant example. It is said that the manufacturer claimed the Titanic is the safest ship ever. They had took all the safety measures to make it. But tragedy is inevitable. People believed and unfortunately the Titanic was sunk in the middle of the sea.
Now think what would you do if you were on a sunken Titanic? You are not responsible for that tragedy or you do not have the strength to avoid it. You have to accept the situation first. You have to believe in yourself and in your strength.
Now you have two options, one is to give up and the other is to start thinking about saving your life. History says that about 705 people survived the Titanic tragedy.
My dear friend remember that every ship has a life-saving boat. All you need to do is figure out where to get it and how to use it. If you find the right way, you will surely be able to get out of that situation.

Like the Titanic, sometimes we believe someone blindly. But some situations are inevitable. They may cheat you. I understand that when you feel cheated by your trusted person it will be a very difficult situation to handle. But remember that, you took all the safety steps before choosing that person. Moreover, you are not responsible for the situation and it is out of your control too.
Now you have two options left, one to live with the pain and the other to move on. It is difficult to move on but if you decide to do it then nothing will stop you from doing it. You have to believe in yourself that you don't need anyone to make you happy.
So, you have to accept that situation first.
When you accept a situation, your mind gets signal to stop thinking about those events. Read my story TV vs Acceptance to understand the importance of Acceptance in our life.
Forgive that person for all the things he has done. Forgiveness is a vital element of a happy life. If we choose to forgive somebody, it will not change the past. But it will change the present, and our future.

Simple steps to strengthen your self to come out from this situation:
  • Make your mind and body fit
          Meditate- It will empower your thoughts
          Read- it will empower your thinking
          Exercise- It will make your body fit
  • Educate yourself about your life and try to love everything around you. Live in the present moment.
  • Engage yourself in activities that makes you happy.
  • Do not be afraid to be alone and do not depend on anyone for your happiness, be it your own best friend, remember that you are the only companion you really need.
  • Do not rely on anybody else to reach your goals, you are the centre of your universe; Believe that you have all the power you seek within you.

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- Jignesh Ahalgama

Author of the book "Secrets of a complex life"

Note: The author does not claim that this is the best answer to your question. This is just the author's opinion; your point of view may differ from the author's point of view. 


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