How can I trust God? I can't believe in him.

Trust is an element, you cannot see it. But you can experience it and through that realization, you can get what you want in your life.

I would like to share one of my experiences to explain the importance of faith in a life. I was going with my two-year-old son. Suddenly he fell and his leg was injured. He was crying and bleeding from the wound. I blew air through my mouth on his wound and he stopped crying. I asked if you were still in pain. He said no, it's okay now.

Do you think I have magic in my mouth? Yes, that is the magic of faith. He believes that everything will be fine if I blow air on his wound. He trusted me and he felt good. So, my dear friend it was just a belief and it can heal a pain in a fraction of a second.

Therefore, trust in God is the same. Everything in your life will be better if you believe in it and give 100%.

Keep trusting god. He is always in control even when your circumstances may seem out of control. Faith is trusting god even when you don’t understand his plan.

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- Jignesh Ahalgama

Author of the book "Secrets of a complex life"

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