Are you an entrepreneur? Is Business Coaching hoax? Why do you need a business coach to grow your business?


I was discussing with an entrepreneur friend of mine. "Business coaching is a hoax and I don't think they can help me to grow my business. I can't grow my business by their coaching. I need to start a business and over time I can learn how to grow it" he said.

I partially disagree with his views on business coaching. I would like to mention a short story here to illustrate this point. This was shared with him too.

When I was in school I read at least 3-4 times to understand each chapter. But when the teacher teaches and explains the meaning of each sentence, what I have seen, I can remember the chapter and write the exam even without reading. So this is an experience not only mine but everyone.

Now correlate your study with business and teacher with business coach. Do you understand the importance of a business coach now? When you are new to the business and you want to start it without any guidance, you will need more time to understand every aspect of the business to grow it. But, when you take the guidance of any business expert, they teach you every aspect and help you grow your business in a very short time. That is why every successful person has a coach in his life. Coaches are needed in every field like sports, dance, business, music, studies etc. Coaches play a vital role in the success.

But choosing a coach here is very important. You have to choose a coach who specializes in your business. If you choose a coach who does not know about your field, than he will not be able to provide input to grow your business. So, business coach is not a hoax. If you want to accelerate your business, find the expert coach who can help you in every step of success.

Read a business related books - it will help you to understand the different aspects of your business.

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- Jignesh Ahalgama

Author of the book "Secrets of a complex life"

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