Tv vs Acceptance

I wanted to buy a TV. So, I evaluated various models, features, prices. I went to different showrooms and visited many online platforms. Finally, I have finalized the model. After that, I was wondering what it would look like, how many years it would work, etc. In short, I was always thinking about it. I bought a TV and from that day on the process of thinking about TV stopped. Because I've accepted it now. I am sure the same thing happened to you too when you have to buy something.
My dear friends,  the same thing happens with problems and sorrows. You always think about it and it will hurt you. Accept it if you want to get out of it. Accept as is. Once you accept it, your mind will automatically stop thinking about it.
Because the mind is designed to think about the ongoing process. Once the process is complete it will shift to another process. Therefore, acceptance is the ultimate remedy for happiness.


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