The Sea

 The sea, full of saltwater. No one can use it for drinking or farming. The freshwater of the river becomes salty once it reaches the sea. Like the sea, sometimes we feel that our life is full of problems and sorrows, we get good opportunities, but it turns into problems due to the circumstances. Still, is the sea unworthy? Do you think that you are unworthy? That is our perception to see things. 

In reality, the sea is full of precious things. The god got ‘nectar’ during ‘Samundra Manthan’. It is the abode of many living organisms. Clouds are made of seawater and they give rain. So, saltwater is a surface layer, everyone can observe it, but to see good things need to go deeper.

Learn a lesson from this,

-Obstacles and grief are surface levels, Happiness, kindness are hidden inside us. Not everyone can see it. 

- God also has to work hard to bring ‘nectar’ out of the sea, in the same way, we need to do hard work to bring out good things from us.

- If we separate salt from seawater, that salt adds flavour to food, same way turn your problems into opportunities.

- Everyone is worthy, need to change our perception to see it.


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