Question Paper

 It was exam time. I was writing answers to questions. Some answers I don't know, so I tried to copy them from my friend sitting next to me. I noticed that his paper was different from mine. But, the reality was that the paper was the same only the order of the questions was different. I could not copy them with the same sequence as my friend wrote, my answer would be wrong if I did too. I need to find the real order of a particular question in my paper then I can write that answer.

Many years after this incident, today when I tried to connect this with life, I found the beautiful meaning of it. 

Our life is like a test. We all have the same life to live. Sometimes you feel that your life is different from your neighbours. When you are writing the answer to sorrow, at the same time your neighbours may writing the answer for happiness.

That doesn’t mean you don’t have questions for happiness. Everything in your life comes at the right time. If you try to blindly imitate other people's lives, you may get confused. So, do not blindly imitate other people's lives. You need to make an effort if you still want to imitate others. 

So, just live your life as such, remember that everyone has the same life to live, only the sequence is different.


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