What can you do if you have potatoes?

Possible Answers:

It can be used to make delicious curries, french fries, chips, vada pav, etc. This list could be longer than we imagined. It is a very important thing in our lives. Life cannot be complete without it.

But what I see in my kitchen is that the stock of potatoes is reducing day by day when I start making my favorite things. I realized that the day would come soon when I would lose it all. 

I can't imagine my life without it. So, I took 2 potatoes and cut them into small pieces. I plant those pieces in my home garden. Over time it gives me more potatoes out of it. 

I understand the process but it is very difficult to determine how many potatoes I can spend for planting? Because, once I cut it and plant it in the ground, I can’t use the same potatoes. I have to wait until the harvest. So, I stress myself out and realize how many potatoes I can plant and how many potatoes to keep to make my favorite things until the new potato harvest?

This simple parable teaches us the importance of money in our lives. Replace the potatoes with the money, delicious items with the spending in day to day activities, plantation with the investment. Stress out yourself and realize how much money to keep to spend a day to day activities until the maturity of investment? This is a simple tactic to be financially successful in life.

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