One weekend we went to Nagarjuna Sagar with family. I spent quality time there and enjoyed it a lot. We also took many pictures there.

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting on a chair and looking at photos captured during my trip. Surprisingly I saw a lot of good things in the photos that were not noticed during that trip. I was wondering why I didn’t take note of it? Because I had limited time during that trip. I gave more time to take photos compared to exploring and enjoying things.

What will bring more happiness?

- If I see them during the tour


- Today, I see them in the photos.

You shouldn't go anywhere if your answer is the second one, because you can find every photo of all the places on the internet.

Open any photo on your phone and look at it, you will also find some new things, which you did not discover during your trip.

Remember that your life is like a journey on the earth. You have limited time. Do you want to capture all the memories on the hard disk?

The first time I don’t want to end this topic, I want you to think about it. Please share your view on the same.

To be considered,

- Hard disk will not always be at hand 

- It is an electronic device, we do not know its life


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