Never Give up

I took this picture while I was going to my hometown in #GSRTC #bus. In which it is written that 'seat is reserved for #MLA'. This is a great example of "never give up #hope". 

How? Do you understand? Let me help you explain that.

MLA goes wherever he wants with his convoy. The convoy includes his bodyguards, police and another support team. It is impossible that an MLA to travel in a GSRTC bus. Do you agree?

But our GSRTC management hopes that one day MLA will come and travel in our bus so they have reserved a seat for him. 

I think this is the greatest hope in this world and I pray to God that God will fulfill his wish soon. Today GSRTC management taught me that no matter what the situation, "never give up hope"

Note: This post is not for comment on Government, GSRTC or MLA. My sole intention in writing this post is to learn some important lessons from it. 


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