When I went to school I was given a book and a pencil with an eraser and sharpener. My father taught me that you have to edge your pencil with a sharpener before writing in a book. I asked my dad what is the use of the eraser? He said it can be used to erase your errors while writing.

This means that it is necessary to edge the pencil when writing anything and it is not necessary to write everything correctly, so if something goes wrong erase it with an eraser. All the things I learned in my childhood are useful in my life today. If we want to achieve anything in our life, we have to sharpen our skills and it is not always necessary to be right all the time. We are human beings. We are all making many mistakes in our lives. The beautiful thing about life is that life allows us to correct those mistakes. That's why one legend told us that making mistakes is our nature, acceptance of those mistakes shows our culture and correcting mistakes decides our prestige.


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