It was evening time. I was going home. I saw 'Jalebi' in the shop.

It is a proverb that "तुम तो जलेबी जैसे सिद्धे हो" 😄😄

Jalebi is round but has no defined shape. All pieces come in different sizes and shapes, this is usually the case. You can also find jalebi of the same size and shape in a large fancy shop. But apart from all this, it is very sweet and delicious. Most of the people would like it in their dish. Isn't it? 

When I eat jalebi I wonder what is the difference between this jalebi and my life? My life is like this jalebi.

When I look at my whole life, it is very complex and has no define structure.

But when I cut jalebi into small pieces, it’s like a proverb "तुम तो जलेबी जैसे सिद्धे हो" 😄😄.

My life is also straightforward in small pieces. Apart from all this, when I try to live my life with happiness I felt that it is very sweet and delicious like this jalebi. 

So, my dear friend, we eat jalebi in pieces ​​and enjoy it. Like that, Don’t look at your whole life, just enjoy every part of your life, it will always be sweet and delicious. Remember that every Jalebi is different, don't try to compare your jalebi with others.

Be a delicious jalebi, everyone will want to keep you in the dish of their life.


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