Google Map

 Yesterday I went to my friend's home. I did not know the route to reach his home. So, I turned on Google Maps and drove my vehicle the way it was shown. Even though I took the wrong turn from one place, Google Map re-evaluates the route and suggests another alternative route for me to reach my destination. I drove my vehicle that way and reached my destination.

Take off from this experience

- Define your target, if you don't know the way to get it, take help from others to achieve it.

- Every goal has many routes to achieve it, evaluate every aspect and pick the best one.

- If you are lost in the mid of the way, don't hesitate to take an alternative way to reach your destination.

- Keep yourself calm like Google Maps when the condition is not in your favour. Re-evaluate the situation and find out the alternative way. 

( google maps didn't become angry with me and tell me that why you took the wrong direction even though I had suggested you? when I took the wrong direction it re-evaluated the condition and suggested me alternative way with the same melody voice)


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