Yesterday was a very hot day. I wanted to sleep in the afternoon so I went to my room. I turned on the fan and waited 2 seconds. It was not giving me cold air. So I turned off it and went to another room. I did the same, turned off the fan in 2 seconds. So, I concluded that the fan would not give cold air.

I turned on the AC and waited for 5 seconds and saw that it did not cool the room. I observed the same in both of my rooms. So, again i concluded that AC would not give cold air.

I couldn't sleep. I was frustrated and scolding manufacturers. 

Do you think I'm crazy or stupid? 

I wanted cool air so I turned on the fan and AC, which means I know how to get what I want. What mistakes did I make? I should understand that the fan will take a few more seconds to reach its peak speed. Only then can it give cool air.

Everything takes time to reach its peak to deliver the results.


- People are often changing their jobs thinking they haven't got what they deserve :- you need to show your ability and give them some time to identify your potential.

- If you start a new business, you want to make a profit on the first day, if it does not give you a profit then you start looking for another business: - You should wait for the business to stabilize. 

- If you start a new project, you want it to give results at a very early stage: - Give your 100% and wait until it is completed, don't leave it in the middle considering it won't give results.

Remember that if you start anything it means you know it will give you results. You just have to be patience.


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