"Death" is the most terrifying word. Isn't it? There is only one truth in our life and that is death. We all know that everyone is going to die one day but we don’t want to accept that. Everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die. This is the reality.

I took this picture from my balcony garden. It was a beautiful rose plant. It gave me many beautiful flowers and spread fragrance in my house. I cared for it like my son. But you know that not everything is in our hands. Suddenly one day it dried up. It lost its life. It hurts me a lot but there is nothing I can do.

Our life is also like this rose plant. We grew up and suddenly one day we will dry up like this beautiful plant. No one can help us to live forever. 

Take home:

- Blossom like a rose and spread the fragrance wherever you go. 

- Be a symbol of love and purity like a rose.

- Accept the reality of every situation in life.

- Accept the reality of death and enjoy each moment of life.


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