Yesterday I was reading a book. A small book which has around 70 pages. With interest, I had completed the book in a single day. The narrative of the story is such that you cannot anticipate what is on the next page. There are different emotions on each page, for example when the story of joy is going on, suddenly a part of grieving comes. When I tried to correlate with the two-page story, my reading flow broke. The interesting thing is that there is hardly a correlation of the next page story with the last page which I have read. It is forced me to turn to the next page. So, I just read every page and enjoyed reading. Eventually, I realized that it wasn’t a single story so I could tell anyone, but yes I was satisfied with the time I spent reading.

So, when I tried to connect my life with the book I read, I realized that my life is a book. Now I am in the middle of it. Every year I live has a different feeling and experience. I can't correlate my last year with the current year. When I tried to do that, I couldn’t enjoy my life. I don't know what is written on the next page until I turn to the next page. Like I don’t know what will happen in my next year, I just have to wait for it.

It suggests that I might enjoy my life if I will live each year separately.

Friends, live your life in the present moment and enjoy it. Whatever it may be, we should not correlate our present life with our past one.


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