Bad vs. Good: How should you react?

This is the story of two friends. They were very good friends. One day a friend hurts another because of certain circumstances. He was very sad and was screaming about how he could hurt me. He went to the beach and wrote in the sand that "My best friend hurt me".

Suddenly a wave of water came and he began to sink into the sea. His friend came and rescued him. He went to the big stone and started engraving that "my best friend has saved me".

His friend was very surprised and he asked him that you wrote in the sand when I hurt you but you wrote on the stone when I saved you. Why did you do that? 

He calmly replied that my dear friend, our friendship is very precious, sometimes we can hurt each other but that does not mean that our friendship will end. At the time when you hurt me, I wrote on the sand so that a small ripple of water could remove it and everything became normal. But when you help me I wrote on the stone so that it lasts a lifetime and the world should know it.

Moral of the story:

When someone hurts you, write it on the sand. The wind of time will make it disappear. 

When someone does good to us, engrave it into the rock, deep into the heart, and neither time nor death can erase it.


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