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Self believe

"The first step to success is "self believe"; You will not succeed if you do not believe in yourself." -Jignesh Ahalgama

Humility vs Arrogance

" Humility makes you lighter, arrogance makes you heavier; The balance between them defines how much height you achieve in your field." - Jignesh Ahalgama

Tv vs Acceptance

I wanted to buy a TV. So, I evaluated various models, features, prices. I went to different showrooms and visited many online platforms. Finally, I have finalized the model. After that, I was wondering what it would look like, how many years it would work, etc. In short, I was always thinking about it. I bought a TV and from that day on the process of thinking about TV stopped. Because I've accepted it now. I am sure the same thing happened to you too when you have to buy something. My dear friends,  the same thing happens with problems and sorrows. You always think about it and it will hurt you. Accept it if you want to get out of it. Accept as is. Once you accept it, your mind will automatically stop thinking about it. Because the mind is designed to think about the ongoing process. Once the process is complete it will shift to another process. Therefore, acceptance is the ultimate remedy for happiness.



Profession and Passion



"You cannot clap with one hand; You can't succeed alone, you need teamwork to make a difference" 


When I went to school I was given a book and a pencil with an eraser and sharpener. My father taught me that you have to edge your pencil with a sharpener before writing in a book. I asked my dad what is the use of the eraser? He said it can be used to erase your errors while writing. This means that it is necessary to edge the pencil when writing anything and it is not necessary to write everything correctly, so if something goes wrong erase it with an eraser. All the things I learned in my childhood are useful in my life today. If we want to achieve anything in our life, we have to sharpen our skills and it is not always necessary to be right all the time. We are human beings. We are all making many mistakes in our lives. The beautiful thing about life is that life allows us to correct those mistakes. That's why one legend told us that making mistakes is our nature, acceptance of those mistakes shows our culture and correcting mistakes decides our prestige.


 Yesterday I was reading a book. A small book which has around 70 pages. With interest, I had completed the book in a single day. The narrative of the story is such that you cannot anticipate what is on the next page. There are different emotions on each page, for example when the story of joy is going on, suddenly a part of grieving comes. When I tried to correlate with the two-page story, my reading flow broke. The interesting thing is that there is hardly a correlation of the next page story with the last page which I have read. It is forced me to turn to the next page. So, I just read every page and enjoyed reading. Eventually, I realized that it wasn’t a single story so I could tell anyone, but yes I was satisfied with the time I spent reading. So, when I tried to connect my life with the book I read, I realized that my life is a book. Now I am in the middle of it. Every year I live has a different feeling and experience. I can't correlate my last year with the current year. W

Google Map

 Yesterday I went to my friend's home. I did not know the route to reach his home. So, I turned on Google Maps and drove my vehicle the way it was shown. Even though I took the wrong turn from one place, Google Map re-evaluates the route and suggests another alternative route for me to reach my destination. I drove my vehicle that way and reached my destination. Take off from this experience - Define your target, if you don't know the way to get it, take help from others to achieve it. - Every goal has many routes to achieve it, evaluate every aspect and pick the best one. - If you are lost in the mid of the way, don't hesitate to take an alternative way to reach your destination. - Keep yourself calm like Google Maps when the condition is not in your favour. Re-evaluate the situation and find out the alternative way.  ( google maps didn't become angry with me and tell me that why you took the wrong direction even though I had suggested you? when I took the wrong direct


What can you do if you have potatoes? Possible Answers: It can be used to make delicious curries, french fries, chips, vada pav, etc. This list could be longer than we imagined. It is a very important thing in our lives. Life cannot be complete without it. But what I see in my kitchen is that the stock of potatoes is reducing day by day when I start making my favorite things. I realized that the day would come soon when I would lose it all.  I can't imagine my life without it. So, I took 2 potatoes and cut them into small pieces. I plant those pieces in my home garden. Over time it gives me more potatoes out of it.  I understand the process but it is very difficult to determine how many potatoes I can spend for planting? Because, once I cut it and plant it in the ground, I can’t use the same potatoes. I have to wait until the harvest. So, I stress myself out and realize how many potatoes I can plant and how many potatoes to keep to make my favorite things until the new potato harve

The Sea

 The sea, full of saltwater. No one can use it for drinking or farming. The freshwater of the river becomes salty once it reaches the sea. Like the sea, sometimes we feel that our life is full of problems and sorrows, we get good opportunities, but it turns into problems due to the circumstances. Still, is the sea unworthy? Do you think that you are unworthy? That is our perception to see things.  In reality, the sea is full of precious things. The god got ‘nectar’ during ‘Samundra Manthan’. It is the abode of many living organisms. Clouds are made of seawater and they give rain. So, saltwater is a surface layer, everyone can observe it, but to see good things need to go deeper. Learn a lesson from this, -Obstacles and grief are surface levels, Happiness, kindness are hidden inside us. Not everyone can see it.  - God also has to work hard to bring ‘nectar’ out of the sea, in the same way, we need to do hard work to bring out good things from us. - If we separate salt from seawater, tha

Question Paper

 It was exam time. I was writing answers to questions. Some answers I don't know, so I tried to copy them from my friend sitting next to me. I noticed that his paper was different from mine. But, the reality was that the paper was the same only the order of the questions was different. I could not copy them with the same sequence as my friend wrote, my answer would be wrong if I did too. I need to find the real order of a particular question in my paper then I can write that answer. Many years after this incident, today when I tried to connect this with life, I found the beautiful meaning of it.  Our life is like a test. We all have the same life to live. Sometimes you feel that your life is different from your neighbours. When you are writing the answer to sorrow, at the same time your neighbours may writing the answer for happiness. That doesn’t mean you don’t have questions for happiness. Everything in your life comes at the right time. If you try to blindly imitate other people


 One weekend we went to Nagarjuna Sagar with family. I spent quality time there and enjoyed it a lot. We also took many pictures there. Yesterday afternoon I was sitting on a chair and looking at photos captured during my trip. Surprisingly I saw a lot of good things in the photos that were not noticed during that trip. I was wondering why I didn’t take note of it? Because I had limited time during that trip. I gave more time to take photos compared to exploring and enjoying things. What will bring more happiness? - If I see them during the tour Or  - Today, I see them in the photos. You shouldn't go anywhere if your answer is the second one, because you can find every photo of all the places on the internet. Open any photo on your phone and look at it, you will also find some new things, which you did not discover during your trip. Remember that your life is like a journey on the earth. You have limited time. Do you want to capture all the memories on the hard disk? The first time


 "THIS SIMPLE STORY TEACH YOU A VALUABLE LESSON OF YOUR CARRIER" Yesterday was a very hot day. I wanted to sleep in the afternoon so I went to my room. I turned on the fan and waited 2 seconds. It was not giving me cold air. So I turned off it and went to another room. I did the same, turned off the fan in 2 seconds. So, I concluded that the fan would not give cold air. I turned on the AC and waited for 5 seconds and saw that it did not cool the room. I observed the same in both of my rooms. So, again i concluded that AC would not give cold air. I couldn't sleep. I was frustrated and scolding manufacturers.  Do you think I'm crazy or stupid?  I wanted cool air so I turned on the fan and AC, which means I know how to get what I want. What mistakes did I make? I should understand that the fan will take a few more seconds to reach its peak speed. Only then can it give cool air. Everything takes time to reach its peak to deliver the results. CO-RELATE WITH YOUR CARRIER  -


Once Goddess Parvati got the divine fruit desired by her two sons Ganesha and Kartikeya. Lord Shiva decided that whoever circled the world three times and came back first would get it as a reward. Kartikeya quickly climbed on his peacock and began his journey. Ganesh was well aware that his formidable form and his vehicle rat were wasting his chances of winning the race. After thinking for a while, Ganesha started walking around his parents, Lord Shiva and Parvati.  When they asked him why he was not circling the world, he answered - My world is at my parent’s feet. He not only won the fruit but also earned the admiration of other gods.  Take home- - Think out of the box  - You should be aware of your limitations - Solutions to every problem are hidden around you  - Don't panic if someone has started their journey earlier than you- Every time it is not necessary that an early start will end up with the win. - Thoughts and intentions should be clear and positive  - Do more with less


 "Death" is the most terrifying word. Isn't it? There is only one truth in our life and that is death. We all know that everyone is going to die one day but we don’t want to accept that. Everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die. This is the reality. I took this picture from my balcony garden. It was a beautiful rose plant. It gave me many beautiful flowers and spread fragrance in my house. I cared for it like my son. But you know that not everything is in our hands. Suddenly one day it dried up. It lost its life. It hurts me a lot but there is nothing I can do. Our life is also like this rose plant. We grew up and suddenly one day we will dry up like this beautiful plant. No one can help us to live forever.  Take home: - Blossom like a rose and spread the fragrance wherever you go.  - Be a symbol of love and purity like a rose. - Accept the reality of every situation in life. - Accept the reality of death and enjoy each moment of life.


 There was a village. Two brothers lived there. The elder brother was very devout. The younger brother was an atheist. One day, seeing the devotion of the elder brother, God was pleased. He gave him a clay idol and said that this idol is raw, it needs to be made perfect, then sell it in the market. You will get a lot of wealth. He understands how to make it perfect. He baked an idol in the fire and sold it in the market. He became a rich man. The younger brother saw it and prayed to God. God was pleased and gave him a wooden idol and said that this idol is raw, it needs to be made perfect, then sell it in the market. You will get a lot of wealth. He imitated his elder brother, he baked his idol in the fire. The idol burned in the fire. He lost his idol and remain poor. Take-Home: - Find the right solution for each problem. (Like elder brother)  - Every problem has a unique solution, you cannot apply the same strategy to every problem.  - Do not imitate anyone without thinking


 It was evening time. I was going home. I saw 'Jalebi' in the shop. It is a proverb that "तुम तो जलेबी जैसे सिद्धे हो" 😄😄 Jalebi is round but has no defined shape. All pieces come in different sizes and shapes, this is usually the case. You can also find jalebi of the same size and shape in a large fancy shop. But apart from all this, it is very sweet and delicious. Most of the people would like it in their dish. Isn't it?  When I eat jalebi I wonder what is the difference between this jalebi and my life? My life is like this jalebi. When I look at my whole life, it is very complex and has no define structure. But when I cut jalebi into small pieces, it’s like a proverb "तुम तो जलेबी जैसे सिद्धे हो" 😄😄. My life is also straightforward in small pieces. Apart from all this, when I try to live my life with happiness I felt that it is very sweet and delicious like this jalebi.  So, my dear friend, we eat jalebi in pieces ​​and enjoy it. Like that, Don’t

Bad vs. Good: How should you react?

This is the story of two friends. They were very good friends. One day a friend hurts another because of certain circumstances. He was very sad and was screaming about how he could hurt me. He went to the beach and wrote in the sand that "My best friend hurt me". Suddenly a wave of water came and he began to sink into the sea. His friend came and rescued him. He went to the big stone and started engraving that "my best friend has saved me". His friend was very surprised and he asked him that you wrote in the sand when I hurt you but you wrote on the stone when I saved you. Why did you do that?  He calmly replied that my dear friend, our friendship is very precious, sometimes we can hurt each other but that does not mean that our friendship will end. At the time when you hurt me, I wrote on the sand so that a small ripple of water could remove it and everything became normal. But when you help me I wrote on the stone so that it lasts a lifetime and the world should k

Never Give up

I took this picture while I was going to my hometown in #GSRTC #bus. In which it is written that 'seat is reserved for #MLA'. This is a great example of "never give up #hope".  How? Do you understand? Let me help you explain that. MLA goes wherever he wants with his convoy. The convoy includes his bodyguards, police and another support team. It is impossible that an MLA to travel in a GSRTC bus. Do you agree? But our GSRTC management hopes that one day MLA will come and travel in our bus so they have reserved a seat for him.  I think this is the greatest hope in this world and I pray to God that God will fulfill his wish soon. Today GSRTC management taught me that no matter what the situation, "never give up hope" Note: This post is not for comment on Government, GSRTC or MLA. My sole intention in writing this post is to learn some important lessons from it. 

Mind vs Shoes

 One day I was walking on a road with a lot of sand. Walking barefoot was a little painful. I wore shoes, now walking was comfortable and I walked one kilometre. But the next day I was walking on a very easy road wearing shoes, but there was a small stone inside the shoe, I could not walk even a few steps on a very easy road wearing shoes. That is how our mind is like a shoes. If our mind is full of positivity, wisdom, vision, hope, we can walk miles on the path of the world, which has a lot of negativity and problems. But if a small negative thought comes to mind, even a small step on the positive path becomes difficult. Moral: Clean your shoes (mind) before starting any journey. If your shoes are clean and comfortable, you can reach your destination anyway.


 There were three boys. They have never seen an elephant. One day they went to the zoo and asked the caretaker to show them the elephant.  The caretaker told them to close their eyes and come closer to the elephant and explain that how the elephant looks like?  A boy standing by its leg explained that the elephant looks like a large round pillar. A boy standing by its trunk explained that the elephant looks like a long, thick rope. A boy standing by its abdomen explained that the elephant looks like a big tank. As like this sometimes, - We are not seeing the whole picture and concluding the situation. - We evaluate a person based on small conversations with them. - We concluding / assuming what we see and understand about the situation without knowing the actual scenario. Moral: We must evaluate each aspect before reaching a conclusion. Always open your eyes.

Biggest competitor

"Your biggest competitor is your today; Beat it, you will get all the success you desired"


 I was watching TV, I opened the channel but that channel had a program I didn't like so I switched to another channel. Now think that TV is your life, channels are thoughts, programs are memories/occasions. So, if you don't want to watch a channel that you don't like, then why are you thinking about a thought that hurts you. Hence, take the remote and switch to the thought that gives you happiness and success.  Remember that Switching from one thought to another is as simple as switching from one channel to another in a TV.